Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Rick Perry's Moratorium Proposal for the EPA Is a Bad Idea


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Soft-on-cr­iminal-pol­luters, Bachmann-P­erry want to take the EPA cops off the beat because their paymaster puppeteers the Killer Koch Brothers (killed Danielle Dawn Smalley, google it) got fined $55,000,00­0 federal CRIMINAL fines for polluting six American states air, water and soil. Let's see, they are ORGANIZED and convicted of CRIME, and even David Koch's own twin brother Bill called Koch Industries "ORGANIZED CRIME" on CBS TV. (Google CBS Koch Organized Crime.)

So Bachmann is on her knees to the Koch Brothers, and Rick Perry is on his knees to Koch Industries­. So they want to defnd the federal cops who once tried to put the Koch Brothers in prison for life until Bush's Attorney General Ashcroft dropped the charges and buried the case.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bachmann's Creation Science is Messiah Moonism ANTI-Christianity

Bachmann's Creation Science is Messiah Moonism ANTI-Christianity

Sun Myung Moon anointed himself the new messiah because (Moon says) Jesus screwed up the Messiah assignment by not getting married.

Michele Bachmann is an Intelligent Design creation science advocate, and thereby a Moonist anti-christian. Has Backmann EVER repudiated the fake messiah? Will she if cornered? The owner of the Washington Times and UPI has a powerful hold on conservanazis.

In order to push the Moon theology onto unfinished minds of school kids, the Moon followers at HUDSON INSTITUTE founded another front organization named DISCOVERY INSTITUTE. Discovery Institute was tasked with inserting Moonist theology disguised as science into public schools in gullible Red State districts.

In order to accept the Moonist theology one must reject evolution science and accept old testament fiat creation of a young Earth less than 10,000 years old. Moonist need to destroy science which disagrees with them, and multi-billionaire Sun Myung Moon has spent billions of dollars over decades stealthily subsidizing media and publishing empires to accomplish that, aligning himself with other anti-science fraudsters like Global Warming deniers.

In fact, Hudson Institute (which created Discovery Institute to conduct anti-science propaganda) sits in the very same office suite where Sun Myung Moon operated Paragon House publishing company which gave office space and $100,000 salary stipend to S. Fred Singer who founded his SEPPtic tank for global warming fraud operations in those exact same offices.

1015 15th Street, N.W. Washington DC Fred Singer

Google: Fred-Singer Sun-Myung-Moon

Google: 1015-15th Street, N.W. DC Hudson-Institute

Google: Hudson-Institute Discovery-Institute Sun-Myun-Moon

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Michele Bachmann denies benefiting from government aid

Michele Bachmann denies benefiting from government aid

The_Liann at 7:37 PM June 26, 2011How can she deny what she already admitted to?

Bachmann got $30 tax-free SOCIALIST cash from Minnisota for every day that she had state supplied teen babysitters in her home -- she bragged about these 23 Foster Kids at the debate. How can she deny the SOCIALIST childcare and the $900 each Foster Child contributed to paying off her mortgage?

She already admitted in indelible ink on her tax returns to getting payoff of a SOCIALIST-funded subsidized family farm that came into her bank account. How can she deny that now?

How can she deny that $30,000 worth of SOCIALIST funds trained her hubby's clinic staff to enable them to charge higher prices and see more patients?

How can she deny getting a bushel basket of $100 bills every month from the SOCIALIST funded congress salary of $174,000.00/month, or deny getting taxpayer-funded congressional cadillac pension plan and taxpayer-funded congressional cadillac-Healthcare insurance?

How can she deny she got votes from constituents by bringing home the PORK, literally begging for pork subsidy money. How can she deny that she benefits from campaign donations by big agribusiness by opposing the ending of farm subsidies?

How can she deny that she gets energy money donations from Big Oil where she quid-pro-quo keeps giving them SOCIALIST checks as tax-cheat deductions?


Bachmann's stepsister, Helen LaFave of Minneapolis, is a lesbian.

Bachmann's stepsister opposes her effort
Lesbian disputes senator's work to ban gay marriage


No other state lawmaker has been more outspoken against gay marriage than Sen. Michele Bachmann, who for more than two years has led the effort at the Capitol to reserve the institution for heterosexual couples.

So when the Senate Judiciary Committee heard the Stillwater Republican's bill proposing a constitutional amendment against gay marriage Tuesday, it was perhaps no surprise that some of her family members were in the audience. But one surprise was where one of them was sitting — alongside fellow opponents of the ban.

Bachmann's stepsister, Helen LaFave of Minneapolis, is a lesbian. She did not testify at the hearing, in which senators rejected Bachmann's measure, but she said afterward that she felt it important to be there.

Bachmann said the nine siblings and stepsiblings united by their parents' marriage are split on the issue. "The vote is 6-3 in our family," she said.


Bachmann, stepsister hold opposing views

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Apr 4, 2006 – Bachmann, stepsister hold opposing views. The lesbian stepsister of Minnesota's leading champion of the marriage amendment begs to differ. ...

D Right One: "Bachmann didn't waver even when her lesbian ...

“"Bachmann didn't waver even when her lesbian stepsister went public with her feelings that Bachmann's effort was "hurtful to me and so many others."" ...

springsm: She has a lesbian stepsister and has basically dissed her

Michele Bachmann Moves Out Of Sarah Palin's Shadow. Read More: Bachmann 2012, ... springsm: She has a lesbian stepsister and has basically dissed her ..

Beast: Michele Bachmann Called Police on Lesbian Nun - Towleroad

Jun 15, 2011 – A new Daily Beast story on Michele Bachmann reveals that ... I'd forgotten but it should be mentioned that Bachman's step-sister is lesbian. ...


Bachmann says her family did not benefit from U.S. assistance for farm, clinic

Published: Sunday, Jun. 26, 2011 - 1:00 am

That lady is insane. Never mind that her main claim to bragging rights is 23 Foster Children "which she raised" at SOCIALIST tax-exempt $30 per day per child from Minnisota taxpayers, which is $900 per month per child for older kids who were unpaid babysitters for her biological children. (How much does childcare cost parents of 5 children with both parents out working all day, provided as a freebie by the taxpayers?) Nevermind that she already reported in indelible ink getting income from the SOCIALIST subsidized farm. Nevermind that she accepts Cadillac-Healthcare insurance plan from the SOCIALIST Congress who also at SOCIALIST taxpayer expense gives her a bushel basket of hundred dollar bills wages every month, $174,000.00 each month. Nevermind that she begged for SOCIALIST dollars for SOCIALIST Farm Subsidy for PORK farmers (of which her collective-owned farm raises pork and corn, both subsidized SOCIALIST supported products). Nevermind that she lied to the nation about how much investment she put into those 23 Foster Kids at the GOP debate, when she testified in front of Congress that she only had some of them for a two week sleepover, and the longest were three years -- not exactly "raised up" -- and they all were teenagers when they arrived -- not exactly "raised up" by her. Nevermind all that.

This freakshow believes that the world is less than 10,000 years old, and that life begins at conception instead of it began well over a billion years ago and keeps on rolling. That by itself is certifiable proof of insanity. She's a lawyer, but she doesn't understand that the law gives specific meanings to words, and murder is never appropriate to the medical act of abortion -- the word does not apply and using it is fraud for the intent to deceive others to give  up or usurp lawful Constitutional rights of others.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bachmann's had her share of government aid

The fiscal conservative from Minnesota and 2012 presidential contender has benefited personally from federal funds and federal farm subsidies.

June 26, 2011