Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Rick Perry's Moratorium Proposal for the EPA Is a Bad Idea


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Soft-on-cr­iminal-pol­luters, Bachmann-P­erry want to take the EPA cops off the beat because their paymaster puppeteers the Killer Koch Brothers (killed Danielle Dawn Smalley, google it) got fined $55,000,00­0 federal CRIMINAL fines for polluting six American states air, water and soil. Let's see, they are ORGANIZED and convicted of CRIME, and even David Koch's own twin brother Bill called Koch Industries "ORGANIZED CRIME" on CBS TV. (Google CBS Koch Organized Crime.)

So Bachmann is on her knees to the Koch Brothers, and Rick Perry is on his knees to Koch Industries­. So they want to defnd the federal cops who once tried to put the Koch Brothers in prison for life until Bush's Attorney General Ashcroft dropped the charges and buried the case.

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