Monday, August 8, 2011

Bachmann's Creation Science is Messiah Moonism ANTI-Christianity

Bachmann's Creation Science is Messiah Moonism ANTI-Christianity

Sun Myung Moon anointed himself the new messiah because (Moon says) Jesus screwed up the Messiah assignment by not getting married.

Michele Bachmann is an Intelligent Design creation science advocate, and thereby a Moonist anti-christian. Has Backmann EVER repudiated the fake messiah? Will she if cornered? The owner of the Washington Times and UPI has a powerful hold on conservanazis.

In order to push the Moon theology onto unfinished minds of school kids, the Moon followers at HUDSON INSTITUTE founded another front organization named DISCOVERY INSTITUTE. Discovery Institute was tasked with inserting Moonist theology disguised as science into public schools in gullible Red State districts.

In order to accept the Moonist theology one must reject evolution science and accept old testament fiat creation of a young Earth less than 10,000 years old. Moonist need to destroy science which disagrees with them, and multi-billionaire Sun Myung Moon has spent billions of dollars over decades stealthily subsidizing media and publishing empires to accomplish that, aligning himself with other anti-science fraudsters like Global Warming deniers.

In fact, Hudson Institute (which created Discovery Institute to conduct anti-science propaganda) sits in the very same office suite where Sun Myung Moon operated Paragon House publishing company which gave office space and $100,000 salary stipend to S. Fred Singer who founded his SEPPtic tank for global warming fraud operations in those exact same offices.

1015 15th Street, N.W. Washington DC Fred Singer

Google: Fred-Singer Sun-Myung-Moon

Google: 1015-15th Street, N.W. DC Hudson-Institute

Google: Hudson-Institute Discovery-Institute Sun-Myun-Moon

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