Sunday, June 26, 2011

Michele Bachmann denies benefiting from government aid

Michele Bachmann denies benefiting from government aid

The_Liann at 7:37 PM June 26, 2011How can she deny what she already admitted to?

Bachmann got $30 tax-free SOCIALIST cash from Minnisota for every day that she had state supplied teen babysitters in her home -- she bragged about these 23 Foster Kids at the debate. How can she deny the SOCIALIST childcare and the $900 each Foster Child contributed to paying off her mortgage?

She already admitted in indelible ink on her tax returns to getting payoff of a SOCIALIST-funded subsidized family farm that came into her bank account. How can she deny that now?

How can she deny that $30,000 worth of SOCIALIST funds trained her hubby's clinic staff to enable them to charge higher prices and see more patients?

How can she deny getting a bushel basket of $100 bills every month from the SOCIALIST funded congress salary of $174,000.00/month, or deny getting taxpayer-funded congressional cadillac pension plan and taxpayer-funded congressional cadillac-Healthcare insurance?

How can she deny she got votes from constituents by bringing home the PORK, literally begging for pork subsidy money. How can she deny that she benefits from campaign donations by big agribusiness by opposing the ending of farm subsidies?

How can she deny that she gets energy money donations from Big Oil where she quid-pro-quo keeps giving them SOCIALIST checks as tax-cheat deductions?


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